Application for Sponsor (Non-Voting) Membership

For groups, organizations and Businesses who cannot become regular members of the Federation, We are now offering a Sponsorship Membership into the San Diego County Wildlife Federation.  Voting members must be an IRS non-profit organization with bylaws and mission statement's. we understand many originations which would like to sponsor or support the Federation and desire to know what is going on throughout the county, state, and nation do not fall under our rules for being a non-profit.  We, the Federation, are now offering a non-voting membership so other organizations and companies can have information they need for their clients. If you feel your company falls within the mission and goals of the Federation, please apply for the Non-Voting sponsor membership. You can read the membership application below or you can go to the following link to print it out, complete it and return it to one of our members or mail it to the address at the bottom of the form. The link to the page is:  Non-Voting Sponsor Membership Application 

SDCWF Non-Voting Membership Info Letter 5-27-2024