San Diego County Wildlife Federation

We are a non-profit amalgam of local conservation-oriented clubs and organizations, as well as the local chapters of similar national organizations.

Our membership is guided by the basic philosophical concept that, absent auditable contradictory scientific or safety-based data, the public has an inalienable right to recreate on public lands.

Our membership is dedicated to the management of San Diego County's open spaces and wild lands for the conservation of our unique habitat and wildlife, as well as for the benefit of the active recreational user.

The SDCWF recognizes that active public use of our open space is compatible with environmentally oriented conservation, and that there are recreational needs which are currently underserved, or not met in San Diego County. We believe that our lands can be managed to provide a balance between public access and the protection of our unique natural habitats.

What We Do

The SDCWF represents the common interests of the conservation oriented outdoor enthusiasts of San Diego County. We support the acquisition, restoration, development, and maintenance of our wildlands and other natural resources.

Our members are dedicated to both the conservation and public use of these resources and work to maximize available recreational opportunities for the residents of, and visitors to, San Diego County.