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The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association or NAVHDA is a group dedicated to fostering, promoting and protecting the versatile hunting dog in America. Versatile hunting dogs are pointers which hunt upland game as well as waterfowl.  Our organization helps hunters train their dogs in order to conserve game.


One of NAVHDA’s goals is to help our younger generation become hunters themselves, and expose them to what hunting with a dog is about.  We in the San Diego Chapter support this goal and encourage youth to attend one of our monthly training days to see what versatile dogs can do, and what their training entails.  We make sure to welcome all at our training days, especially Junior Hunters. Mentors are available to help a newcomer with any questions or concerns that arise regarding their dog and NAVHDA procedures.


In addition to training days, NAVHDA Chapters across the country (including ours) hold tests for evaluating how the dog performs with the handler.  We have found that training toward a measurable goal helps dog handlers succeed.  NAVHDA tests dogs against a standard set of tasks, not against other dogs.


To encourage youth to become involved with NAVHDA, we will subsidize a youth to attend a Handler Clinic.  Also we will partially pay a youth's test fees. Up to 75% of a youth's test fee can be covered. Test fees usually range between $100-$200.


NAVHDA also has a breed registry where test scores and other information are kept to help both breeders and puppy buyers make informed decisions.


We believe the future of hunting depends upon encouraging youngsters to become involved. Without them, hunting could become just a memory. You can contact us at or contact:


Jeff Derbes (858) 490-0191

Ruth Weiss (760) 782-0890